Programming updates for DDRescue-GUI, WxFixBoot and Wine Autostart

This is my first post in my programming blog, so I thought I might as well give some updates on that.


I’ve been fixing some bugs, and doing Mac OS X stuff to make it work even better and to fix some small glitches. I’ll get some other things working like reverse mode on OS X, and direct disk access on Parted Magic. I’ll also make the “Mount Disk Image” option on OSX work better because every now and then it can error when it shouldn’t. The next release, which will be v1.5, should be a more stable, polished version of v1.4, with some luck.


Right now I’m redoing the code layout because it was becoming difficult to handle as it was, and I’m adding some new features, such as a rescue mode that allows you to fix your bootsector and check your hard disks for errors, even if WxFixBoot can’t start. If I can figure it out, there will also be a way of doing tasks when offline, which will hopefully be useful šŸ™‚

Also, I’ll add a “Check for update” option soon like the one in Wine Autostart which is good for people who aren’t using the PPA (Personal Package Archive) to get automatic updates.

Wine Autostart

At the moment, I’m not doing anything for Wine Autostart because everything seems okay with this one, for now šŸ™‚ I have got a few little things to do, but they’re not high priority at all so I’ll wait until I find some new features to add or someone reports a bug.

Everything Else

I’ve started this blog (no surprises here!) and I’m also thinking about making a little website for my programming stuff, so if anyone would like to offer an opinion on whether I should do that or not it would be welcome šŸ™‚

On a side note, Ubuntu 15.10 has now been released, it seems pretty stable and you can download it here. Ubuntu 16.04 will make the switch to the Mir display server and Unity 8, AND the Snappy packages, and so might be, err, interesting in terms of stability! And reliability. I’m interested as to how it will be adopted, but it sounds like a step in the wrong direction to me.

Next Entries Ubuntu 16.04 LTS: Will it be as stable as the older LTS releases?

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