Bhuna’s EP is now available to buy! Find it on iTunes, Google Play, etc.

All images are used with permission from Bhuna.

Hi everyone, again 🙂

Bhuna’s EP is now out!

Listening To Life
Listening To Life

That’s right! Bhuna has been releasing the track listings slowly over a period of days, and the EP, dubbed “Listening To Life”, was released today on various platforms ranging from iTunes to Deezer and Spotify. It’s on tons of platforms, so it’s likely that whatever you use, it’ll be on there.

Moving on, the track listing for the 4-track EP are available on Bhuna’s social media profiles, which are here and here, and here.

I’ve put the track listing here as well for ease/laziness 😛

Track Listing and artwork

Track Listing:

  1. The Melodies Of Life.
  2. Two Years, Three Hurt Lives.
  3. Just Dance Already!
  4. The Choir On Number 9.

Here’s the artwork *NOTE* All of this is posted with Bhuna’s permission:

Just Dance Already!
Just Dance Already!
The Choir On Number 9
The Choir On Number 9
The Melodies Of Life
The Melodies Of Life
Two Years Three Hurt Lives
Two Years Three Hurt Lives

In case you’ve forgotten, Bhuna is an electronica artist, but with a twist because their inspirations are System Of A Down (a heavy rock band), Queens of the Stone Age (an all-male rock band), and Mr. Bungle. Out of those three, you’re least likely to have heard about Mr. Bungle. They are a retired band now, but they used to make music that is… difficult to categorise. It’s kind of all sorts, so to be honest you should probably just listen to it if you’re interested. They used to be Jazz musicians, so I think a lot of what they do is improvised, which sort of explains the unpredictability of the music.

Back to the point, Bhuna’s EP is now out, and you can download from many of the popular services, including but not limited to iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, and, um, the other ones. I tend to forget about these things. Anyway, I think we’re about done with this post, so see you all soon with some more operating system reviews, amongst other things.

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